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Moon Watcher (a true story)

23 Jul

At night, in the desert, you’re always being watched.

I can hear them in the brush, scurrying – stopping dead as I near. Rabbits, lizards, snakes, maybe a coyote. God knows what else. Birds, bats – we’re watched from above as well.

Joni Mitchell once released an album called “The Hissing of Summer Lawns”. I thought about that last night as I stepped out the front door around midnight, a bag of trash in my hand, headed for the curbside. I found myself listening for the hiss of the lawn because there were no other sounds. The breeze that normally rippled through the trees was quite absent. There was no scurrying in the brush. Not even a single cricket. There were only my footsteps, tapping the concrete and echoing down the street – maybe even to the mountains, and that slight rattle and crinkle of the Hefty bag. Like all the random junk inside was jockeying for position before its final ride.

Then I noticed the sky. It was beautiful. Just a few big fluffy clouds floating in the glow of a perfect full moon. I knew I’d be rushing in to tell the wife and kids. There’d been a sadness in the house all day and I thought they all might get a kick out of the striking night sky. Smile and laugh they all did. Their giggles headed to the mountains to find their dad’s echoing footsteps. The iPhones were out, snapping pictures of the big ol’ moon.

We were still grinning as we returned to the living room. The girls raced to post their photos on the internet. The smiles were wide until I happened to notice something in the bottom left corner of one of the photos. What exactly is that?

At night, in the desert, you’re always being watched.
a a a a a a scary pic

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My novel, “Sons of the Pope”, scheduled for publication in December 2012!

4 Mar

In  bookstores, at Amazon and B&N on 12/12/12. Also available for Kindle and Nook!

                           SONS OF THE POPE
In Brooklyn, before the murders, before the miracle, before the 1940s were gone forever, there was a tree.
If only they let that tree alone.  Sick as it was, if only they nurtured it instead of ripping it from the earth.
If that sycamore tree was allowed to stand, then maybe Biaggio Falcone would never have been the head of the Campigotto crime family.

If they just let that tree be, then perhaps little Joey Salerno would not have been born like that.

Joey’s father, Sal – just home from World War II – would probably never have gotten involved with the New York underworld.

Mary Salerno wouldn’t have had to spend her entire life caring for an eternal child.

Joey’s brother Peter might have enjoyed a life unburdened by guilt – and he probably wouldn’t have had that gun shoved in his face when he was seventeen.

Many more people might still be breathing.  Perhaps nobody would have fallen from that Times Square hotel window on New Year’s Eve.

If only they left that simple tree alone.

There would be no need for the wheelchairs, the walkers, or the hospitals.

No need to run numbers for the Brooklyn mob.

Some would be successful businessmen today, instead of just meals for the creatures of the brine.

That young woman would not have thrown herself from the Brooklyn Bridge during its centennial year.

If that sycamore was just permitted to stand, there would have been no reason, four decades later, for that desperate pilgrimage to Lourdes, France.  No need for Pearl Gholston to venture across  those tracks, or for anyone to call upon the one known only as The Diabolist.

You are cordially invited into the world of Salvatore Salerno.  Experience the richness of a story that spans half a century.  Love and hatred.  Devotion and betrayal.  Murder and miracles.

Sons of the Pope is a new novel, written from the heart.  It has come from the heart of Brooklyn.

“Daniel O’Connor’s ‘Sons of the Pope’ reveals an interesting new talent with a snappy style. This is someone’s career to watch.” – Andrew Neiderman, Author of “The Devil’s Advocate”, and many V.C. Andrews novels. 
“A rich, epic chronicle of murder, the mob, and miracles, Daniel O’Connor’s SONS OF THE POPE has me intrigued.” – Kevin O’Brien, NY Times Bestselling Author of “Terrified”, “The Last Victim” and “Only Son”.
“If I like what I’m reading I lose all track of time. I opened ‘Sons of the Pope’ on a runway at LAX. Next thing I knew, it was 3 hours later and we had passed Iowa. This is a very visual novel and the attention to detail is so rich that I could smell the dirty water dogs from the NYC street vendors. Bravo!” – Romeo Tirone, Director (“Dexter”, “True Blood”, “Nurse Jackie”)